How To Consign

Seasons Schedule

Feb 15th -April 15th
Light colors, spring prints

mid-weight jackets, 3/4 & short sleeve tops, pants, capris, leggings, skirts, dresses, raincoats, rain boots, shoes & sneakers.

FABRICS like: knit, fleece, jersey, poplin, denim, khaki etc.
Easter theme

Feb 15 - Mar 15

April 15th - June 20th
Patriotic & summer prints

T-shirts, shorts, tank tops, sundresses, bathing suits, cover-ups, sandals & water shoes, sun hats.

FABRICS like: cotton, jersey, seersucker, poplin, linen, gauze, chambray etc.

4th of July taken

May 20 -June 20

Aug 15th -  Oct 15th
Fall colors & prints 

mid-weight jackets, long sleeves, cardigans & sweaters, hoodies & sweatshirts, dresses, pants/leggings, skirts, shoes, sneakers & fashion boots.

FABRICS like: knits, fleece, flannel, corduroy, denim

Halloween taken

Sept 15-Oct 10

Oct 15th - Dec 15th

Winter & holiday prints 

winter coats, sweaters, hoodies & sweatshirts,dresses, pants & leggings, skirts, winter hats & gloves, snow pants, snow boots, shoes & sneakers

FABRICS like: knits, wool, fleece, flannel,corduroy, denim

Christmas/Holidays taken

Nov 1 - Dec 10


How to consign with us:

We accept all of our consignment by appointment only.
30 items TOTAL accepted 
Our appointments typically book 4-6 weeks in advance and consist of 3 month windows for each of the 4 seasons as noted above. Our philosophy is to carry the current season's clothing while you need it vs. jumping ahead to the next seasons too quickly (we'll leave that for the big chain stores!!)
If you have GEAR only, we may be able to get you in sooner! 
Email us if interested in booking an appointment.
Consignment Terms:

60 days / 40%payout

for Summer 2020

see COVID Consigning Update!


What we accept

Looking to consign?
There are just a few things we want you to remember when sorting your clothing and goods.
1) CONDITION is the #1 factor - regardless of brand, we know our customers
are looking for items in GREAT condition!
That means NO: stains, odors, pilling, misshapen/shrunken, holes/tears,
broken/missing fasteners, pet hair, name tags or removed brand/size tags.
2) AGE - items should be no more than 5 years old.! 
That includes clothing, accessories, toys, books and gear.
3) SEASON - we hold appointments based on 4 separate seasons. Separate your
apparel by season and bring only the appropriate items to your appointment.
Basically, in order to make your consignment experience the best it can be,
you should review all your pieces ahead of time and present them
in their very best condition to be considered for the store! 


  • Infant & Children's clothing sizes:

    • NEWBORN through BIG KIDS 10 (no size 12 or over)

  • Clothing Accessories:

    • shoes/boots, tights, socks, ties, belts, hats, mittens/gloves etc.

  • Maternity/Nursing Apparel

    • all sizes accepted


  • Baby GOODS :

    • video monitors, mobiles, soother/sound machines, bottle warmers, bottle washing/drying apparatus, wipes warmers, bottles, blankets, bibs, baby food systems, nursing pillows, nursing covers, carrier covers, plate/food accessories and more!

  • GEAR:

    • Click here to see full list of GEAR we accept

    • clean & fully working condition, with ALL pieces*NO MISSING PARTS*

      • Please remove and launder any fabric covers (if possible) and wipe down all hard surfaces. Should have working batteries installed, if needed.  

{replacement batteries $1 per battery & $5+ per item cleaning fee}

  • TOYS:

    • wooden toys, infant/toddler sensory & learning toys (Fisher Price, Little Tikes etc), puzzles, ride on, push toys, board games, arts/crafts, dolls, action figures etc.

      • toys should in clean working condition with ALL pieces and working batteries (if needed). *Please put accessories/pieces in zipper bags.

 {replacement batteries $1 per battery}

  • BOOKS:

    • pregnancy, parenting, nursing books etc.  

    • Children's Books (board books & hardcover ONLY) 


    • collapsible standard/lightweight strollers, joggers, double strollers (no travel systems!) 

    • less than 5 yrs old and in clean working condition.

      • Please remove and launder seat covers (if possible) and wipe down all hard surfaces. 

{$5+ item cleaning fee}   

We will accept a maximum of 30 items 

including accessories & goods, per appointment.

GEAR we accept
  • Bouncy Seats

  • Baby Carriers

  • Swings

  • Pack N Plays

  • Co-Sleepers

  • Gates

  • Bumbo or Similar

  • High Chairs

  • Activity Jumpers

  • Walkers

  • Saucers

  • Activity Mats

  • Strollers

  • travel bassinets

  • push toys

Is your gear included in a recall?


car seats, furniture, mattresses, bedding,

decor, lighting or breast pumps.

Terms & Conditions
  • Your items will be inventoried and displayed for 60 days. Depending on current stock levels, we may hold your merchandise for up to 10 days before it is inventoried. An ITEM LIST REPORT email is sent to you when items are entered, priced and displayed. Consignment term begins with the date of your email.

  • Pricing is approximately 1/4 to 1/3 of retail price. New in Box or New with Tags is up to 3/4 of retail price. Items found to be in less that good condition at the time of inventory will be subject to donation without notice to the consignor.

  • Prices may be reduced by 30% or more after 15 days depending on fluctuating demand. Set prices may also be discounted during a consignment period for 'category discounts' (i.e jean's sale), store events and end of season sales.

  • 40% of the clothing/accessories (up to 50% of gear) SOLD during your consignment term is yours. Checks are issued UPON REQUEST at the end of your 60 day term. Balances can be used, any time during or after your consignment term, toward in-store purchases, including a 15% discount.

  • Balances do not expire and remain on account until either used in the store or paid out upon request.

  • PICK UP OF UNSOLD ITEMS IS NOT ALLOWED, unless specifically arranged at the time of consignment and is LIMITED to high end items reselling for $25 or more. Unsold items at the end of your consignment term become property of Apple of My Eye and will be donated to a local charity of our discretion. Donation receipts are available upon request. 

  • unsold items at the end of a consignment term are considered EXPIRED and become property of Apple of My Eye. Expired items may be sold as such or donated to MassAppeal Int'l at the discretion of the store. Year end donation receipts are available upon request.

Prepare for your appointment
the key to consignment? 
Follow these 3 easy steps to make your consignment experience the most successful.
1. Sort your clothing items into three piles: GREAT, GOOD & POOR condition items.
  • GREAT-condition clothing is NEW or looks new, has retained its shape, and bears no signs of wear and tear.
  • GOOD-condition clothing may be a little bit faded or worn but is still in wearable condition with no stains, holes or missing/broken fasteners.
  • POOR-condition clothing is stained, pilled, misshapen/shrunken, threadbare or has holes in it. These are NOT items to bring for consideration - instead - these items should be responsibly RECYCLED.
2. Prepare your GREAT & GOOD condition clothing items & accessories:
  • make sure items are clean and recently laundered.
  • button, zip and/or snap fasteners
  • remove name tags or initials
  • place multi piece outfit items together (must be originally purchased multi-piece outfit, same size & brand)
  • shoes should be clean, scuff free and no debris in the treads/soles
3. Pack up your items for your scheduled appointment:
  • Fold clothing neatly and bring to your appointment in a reusable tote, shopping bag, basket, bin or box.
We WILL NOT review clothing brought in garbage bags!
  • games, puzzles or toys with small or detachable parts should be placed in clear zipper bags.
We will accept up to 30 items at your appointment
including your accessories & misc. goods/toys.
Make sure you are bringing in your very best!
30 items or less OF YOUR VERY BEST!
it is your responsibility to pre-sort PRIOR to your appointment. 
Appointments typically run about 10-15 minutes long.
We will review all of your items while you wait, allowing you to poke around the store.
Items we do not accept are returned to you at the end of your appointment.
Inventory email is sent when your items are inventoried.
Consignment terms are 60 days / 40% earnings. 
Request an Appointment
4 Seasonal blocks, scheduled individually.
3 month window for each of the 4 seasons.
this is only a request, appointments may already be full for the current season.
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