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know your stuff!

scheduling and availability may differ depending on what you have to consign!

it's important to know what you have before requesting an appointment!

*CHILDREN'S clothes - by far the largest portion of our schedule - but also the quickest to fill up!

Appointments book a minimum of 3-6 weeks in advance during open booking schedule.

MATERNITY clothes:  in demand and typically able to accommodate sooner in our schedule.

Appointments book a minimum of 1-3 weeks in advance during open booking schedule.


GEAR n' GOODS:   gear, toys, books and/or baby goodstaken as needed availability

Appointments book a minimum of 1-3 weeks in advance during open booking schedule.

*All appointment requests that include children's clothing will fall into the minimum 3-6 advance window for scheduling. 



mixed category



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Gear n' goods 


Children's or Mixed Category

only want to consign your kids clothes?


you have a combination of  kids clothes, toys, books, baby goods, gear and/or maternity


◾ ANY appointment request that includes children's clothing will typically fall into the 3-6 weeks advance scheduling during open booking periods.

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Maternity Only


If you only have maternity/nursing clothes - then you can get in much sooner! 1-3 week advance scheduling during open booking periods.


Gear n' Goods only

no clothing - just toys, books, gear and/or baby goods. We have an 'as needed' schedule for these goods coming in and can typically get you in as soon as 1-3 weeks during open booking periods!


Click above button to request an appointment. Please note that our appointments for the current season may be booked in full. This is a request only and not a guarantee for an appointment.

NO vintage accepted.

all clothing goods must be from 2015 to current

baby gear & goods must be from 2011 to current

  • Must schedule appointment to consign. No drop ins will be reviewed.

  • We will accept a *maximum of 25 children's clothing + 20 maternity clothing items  *see consigning limits for accessory and additional goods details.

  • Bring in your best items! We aren't a thrift store!

do your part ahead of time and review your goods to ensure they meet our guidelines.

  • All items must come to us in ready to sell condition!

That means clean and free of pet hair, odors, wrinkles, stains or damage.

  • Don’t forget to button, zip and/or fasten those closures!

  • Outfits/set pieces should be placed together and are considered as one (1) item. 

{must be an actual ‘set’ = same brand + size}

  • Bring items neatly folded in reusable totes, shopping bags, bins or boxes.

Absolutely NO GARBAGE BAGS!! we won't even look at that stuff!

  • You can wait while we review your items or simply drop your bag and we will recycle/donate items we choose not to accept.

SEE HOW TO CONSIGN page for all the deets on consigning with us!