COVID Consigning Update

our FALL appointment schedule is now


We are looking for great EVERY DAY apparel and accessories at this time! In order to increase the number of items we accept, please hold out your 'fancier' dressing up apparel for next year!

Must schedule appointment to consign. No drop ins will be reviewed.

You may bring a maximum of 25 items for consideration. So it’s important to do your best to review and select items in the very best condition!

No more than FIVE (5) same size, single category items

(e.g. five (5) size 3T boys tshirts OR five (5) size 4 girls play dresses)

All items must come to us in ready to sell condition! That means clean and free of pet hair, odors, wrinkles, stains or damage.

Don’t forget to button, zip and/or fasten those closures!

Outfits/set pieces should be placed together and are considered as one (1) item. {must be an actual ‘set’ - same brand + size}

Bring items neatly folded in handled *paper shopping bags.


You can wait while we review your items or simply drop your bag and we will recycle/donate items we choose not to accept.

PRINT & COMPLETE our Sanitation Policy and attach to your handled paper shopping bag.

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